Start and scale up your eCommerce business with proven strategies

+50 actionable tactics to convince your visitors to stay, buy, come again,refer their friends and buy again. 

A proven model to grow your online business.


50+ actionable tactics


5+ different marketing frameworks


Step by step approach for each stage


Real-life examples and case studies


Holistic approach with AAARRR funnel

What's inside the book?


Chapter 1: A solid base
Value proposition, buyer persona's & jobs to be done.

You need your value proposition and buyer personas in the right place. Only then can you start to structure your marketing plan and tactics. 

We make sure to build your business on rock-solid ground. 


Chapter 2: Awareness
Show your customers that you exist

Your site is ready to sell, but your audience won't know it if you don't tell them. 

In the awareness phase, we lead you to the right channels with frameworks and questions.




Chapter 3: Acquisition
Give the best possible experience to make visitors stay on your website.

Every element should be optimized to keep your potential customers on your website. 

Based on data-driven and qualitative insights, we show you the best practices.

Chapter 4: Activation
WOW your visitors with a pack of value

When your visitors are convinced of the value you give, they add items to cart or initiate checkout. 

We show you real-life, actionable examples to increase your odds.

Chapter 5: Revenue
Sell, upsell and grow your business

Here we share the most effective user experience strategies, website design tactics and psychological triggers to lead your customers to hit the buy button.

Chapter 6: Retention
Customers returning back for more


They bought once, which means they can buy twice with the right strategy. 

We arm you with the frameworks and explain to you the proven subscription models.


Chapter 7: Referral
How to turn customers into fans

We have more than six referral programs you can apply this week. 

We teach you how to make your value contagious and shareable.

Grow your business in no time 

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